Nantucket Monkey Fist Key Rings

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Like our bracelets, Nantucket Knotworks’ Monkey Fist Key Rings are made from the finest hard laid cotton and tough diamond braid nylon. They have a stainless steel thimble to prevent chafing. Contrasting whippings for nylon key rings are waxed twine from Marlow (UK). Whippings for cotton rings are marlin (US).
These key rings are 11/4 inch in diameterMonkey Fist Key Chains are hand made at Nantucket Knotworks.

History:  In their much larger form, monkey fist knots are tied around a weighty object on the end of a heaving line to help dock a vessel. They are still used on the ferry from Hyannis to Nantucket.

Price: $12.00