Authentic Three Strand Nantucket Bracelet

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Three-strand Rope Bracelet by Charity Benz of Nantucket Knotworks. These are the same, shrinkable cotton rope bracelets as the original Turk's Head Bracelets but the rope strands are tripled.


General Sizing Guide:

S : Wee ones - up to around age 4 or 5ish

M : Ages 5 to early teens,  average womens size,  thin adult guys size

L :  Average upper teen guys / adult guys size, larger-wristed womens size

XL : Yep you guessed it, for folks with big wrists!

The bracelets will shrink when wet so sizing up is a good idea if taking them on and off is a priority. Always remember; you can only goof if the bracelet is too small, i.e. you can't fit it over your wrist. If they are too big, they shrink to fit when you get them wet.

Smooth sailing!

Price: $12.00