Patriot Bracelet "Lite"- NEW!

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Nantucket Knotworks' hard-to-make three strand Turk's Head Bracelet in red, white, & blue!  Whether a patriot, a New England Patriots fan,  Red Sox fan, or all of the above,  these are the ticket!

This new "Lite" size option (shown on the left) is 5/8" wide as compared to 1" for the "Original" (shown right).

 General Sizing Guide:

S : Wee ones - up to around age 4 or 5ish

M : Ages 5 to early teens,  average womens size,  thin adult guys size

L :  Average upper teen guys / adult guys size, larger-wristed womens size

XL : Yep you guessed it, for folks with big wrists!


Price: $20.00