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Authentic 2-Strand Nantucket Knotworks’ Rope Bracelets

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Nantucket Knotworks’ authentic rope bracelets are the real thing.

Depending on where you live, they are known as sailor’s bracelets (because sailors used them to wipe their brows while swabbing decks), friendship bracelets (because sailors would make them at sea and bring them home to sweethearts), and surfer’s bracelets (for reasons which would appear to be obvious).

While others have tried to copy our work over the years, people who buy our bracelets prefer quality that lasts. You may be sure that we use only the finest 100% cotton line, custom made to our specifications. Following tradition, our bracelets shrink to wrist size after swimming or bathing. They are available in four sizes, sure to fit at least 95% of the human race.

General Sizing Guide:

S : Wee ones - up to around age 4 or 5ish

M : Ages 5 to early teens, average womens size, thin adult guys size

L : Average upper teen guys / adult guys size, larger-wristed womens size

XL : Yep you guessed it, for folks with big wrists!

The bracelets will shrink when wet so sizing up is a good idea if taking them on and off is a priority. Always remember; you can only goof if the bracelet is too small, i.e. you can't fit it over your wrist. If they are too big, they shrink to fit when you get them wet.

Smooth sailing!