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Racing Stripe "Lite" Bracelets - NEW!

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New “Lite” Racing Stripe Bracelets! Two stripes of Nylon with one stripe of Cotton. The Lites are 5/8" wide compared with the 1" Original racing stripes bracelet.

We have been making the "Original" racing stripe bracelets for over a decade. I was amazed to see a boy wearing three of them at once. It appeared that he had gotten a new one for each visit to Nantucket. Now try them out in our new narrower profile!

They combine our authentic cotton bracelet with a colorful nylon accent in the following colors: Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Teal, Pale Pink, Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Teal, & Kelly Green.

General Sizing Guide:

S : Wee ones - up to around age 4 or 5ish

M : Ages 5 to early teens, average womens size, thin adult guys size

L : Average upper teen guys / adult guys size, larger-wristed womens size

XL : Yep you guessed it, for folks with big wrists!

Sizing up is a good idea if taking them on and off easily is a priority. Always remember; you can only goof if the bracelet is too small, i.e. you can't fit it over your wrist.

Smooth sailing!